Still Recovering

If you haven't seen 127 Hours and don't know how the guy escaped from his rocky entrapment, read no further. But I may be the only person who wasn't aware of how this guy escaped..... until someone told me today.  My first reaction was, "Wait, don't tell me what happened, I haven't seen the movie."  My second reaction was like being punched in the gut - over and over again.  The feeling hasn't left me all day.

I read a review of the movie on a parent review website (you can be sure they'll give you every detail in their attempt to shield young viewers from gore, violence, sex and swearing).  I only read the section on violence/gore; I wanted to know how graphic they depicted the amputation before making a decision about whether or not to see it.  Just reading about how he severed off his arm made me light-headed and nauseous.  I have a visceral reaction to body parts being severed.

I remember a few months after my accident the movie Julia came out, a movie about Lillian Hellman and her friend, Julia.  My mom saw it before I did and strongly discouraged me from seeing it.  One of the characters wore a prosthetic limb and she thought I would be disturbed by that.  "Oh, Mom, I'll be fine," I said as I waved off her comment. My boyfriend and I went to the movie and I held his hand the whole time, realizing how nervous I was as I waited for the part where the amputee would walk on screen.  The actress nailed it; she limped just like I do.  Seeing on film what I had only yet seen in my own reflection was a shock.

I acted cavalier and pretended it didn't affect me, but it did.  I shook it off and went on with my evening.  Over the years I haaven't become less sensitive. On the contrary.  I've become more sensitive.  When I heard about James Franco's character cutting off his arm today, I was back at my own accident, lying on the side of the road.  The worst part wasn't seeing a part of my leg a few feet away.  The worst part was feeling like my heart had just been ripped out.

Though I'm a James Franco fan and I've been excited to see this movie, I think I'll pass.  I'll keep my heart intact.