Quench Your Creativity

Some of us are at ease with our creative selves, others of us can’t imagine drawing a stick figure. Wherever you land on that spectrum, there is always something new to learn and discover about yourself using Creative Acts.

This program isn’t about arts and crafts, though we may do some of that if you want to. This program about getting in touch with and allowing yourself to be led by your creative impulses.

When you tap into your creative self, you access your deeper self, the part of you that is unique in all the world. You’re accessing your authenticity.

Think of Quenching Your Creativity as boot camp for your soul.


Step Into Your 3rd Act

You are vital and vibrant—and you have a life of wisdom to guide you. But you don’t have many role models for how to live your 3rd Act as an independent, lively, engaged woman.

  • You may be worried, Is this all there is?

  • You may be thinking, What else can I possibly do with my life?

  • You might even be tired and telling yourself, I’m done.

I’m here to tell you, “You’re NOT done. This isn’t all there is. Only YOU can add your brand of magic to the world.”

I’m here to support you in discovering your next calling and be a Bad Ass Boomer!


Free Yourself from
the Past

You’ve seen your fair share of sorrow, hurt, and pain. And some of it has accumulated into a mass that is hard to let go of.

I’m here to support you in freeing yourself from the past so that you can walk into your bright future with your arms wide open.

My Bless and Release program supports you to let go of the past. This is powerful work.

All of my programs include:

Ten 60-minute weekly one-one-one sessions (via phone, Zoom, or a place of your choosing in Bellingham, WA) to include:
> creative exercises
> timed-writing prompts,
> clarifying conversations, and
> short meditations

Each session will end with suggested exercises to keep the momentum going between sessions.

Investment: $1,000.00 for the ten-session program

The Bless and Release program was very powerful and your grace has opened a space in me for healing.
— Mary, a participant in the Bless and Release program