A few of Colleen’s SoulCollage® cards:

walking into life soul collage card.jpg

Colleen’s Trust card

“I Am One Who trusts in life, however scary or challenging it may be. I Am One Who trusts that I am protected and held by forces that are beyond my perception.”

inner princess.jpg


‘s Inner Princess card

“I Am One Who is living on a bed of roses. I Am One Who is grateful for her privilege. I take my crown and pass it on. We are all princesses.”

Are you one of those people who rips images out of magazines because they are so provocative and tucks them away and you’re not really sure why?

Perhaps it’s because you’re ready for a fun, soul-tending, creative process called SoulCollage®.

SoulCollage® is a way to access you inner wisdom. Through a simple cut and paste process, you make a deck of collaged cards, each card representing singular part of yourself. And then, through the simple process of dialoguing with these cards, you are able to access the gift of your inner wisdom that is waiting for expression.

Originated in the late 1980's by Seena Frost, SoulCollage® is a process that will help you with life's questions and transitions. Since Seena started sharing and training Facilitators to share SoulCollage®, thousands of people have learned this powerful process and deepened their understanding of self. Here’s how Seena describes SoulCollage®:

“SoulCollage® is both a creative celebration of the complexities of Soul and, at the same time underneath this complexity, is the honoring of our Spirit’s unity with Source. It’s a process emphasizing Both/And; Spirit and Soul; One and the Many. To honor the forever evolving, amazing dance of our Souls, we create many collaged cards using found images to depict our unique parts. We give names to these parts, dialogue with them, and embrace them, even the ones that are shadowed and acting out. Giving a card its own name and allowing it time to say what’s wrong and what is needed often helps these inner parts heal. The inner part is able to find new ways to express its special energy so it has a positive place.”

If you are interested in becoming a trained SoulCollage® Facilitator, watch this video for some inspiration!