Tomorrow my son Luke and I leave the balmy Pacific Northwest and fly to frigid Boston. We will leave emerging crocuses and budding cherry trees and enter a city with snow a gazillion feet high. My son has an audition at New England Conservatory on Friday, so sightseeing in Boston isn’t the point. The point of this trip is Possibility.

At a time of year when the earth shifts from winter’s torment of cold and dark to spring’s hope of growth and light, my son is looking at the world through a lens of possibility. His future beckons, opportunities are abundant, and he has talent. Sure, we’re freaked out by how much a conservatory costs. Certainly, the competition will be tough. No doubt he has some doubts, but one thing I do know. When we approach the world as if it is conspiring for our greatest good, good things follow. When we do everything we can to make good things happen, they usually do. When we dance with the universe to co-create positive change, then possibilities abound.

Boston is a place full of possibility. In the general Metropolitan Boston area, there are 53 institutions of higher learning. Imagine how many people are attending one of these 53 institutions of higher learning with optimism in their heart, a desire to learn, and an attitude of hope. I can’t wait to be in a city with so many people wanting to emerge, learn, grow, and blossom.

I decided to wear my old leg for this trip. With all the snow, I didn’t want to walk with a leg I hadn’t yet bonded with. So, even though walking on ice is my absolute nemesis, you can picture me walking through Boston, griping Luke’s forearm for support as we navigate our way through this place of hope and expectation as he prepares for his future.

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-image-invitation-word-card-envelope-invited-to-party-event-formally-inviting-you-other-special-image32727886An Invitation

Where do you see possibilities in your life right now?  How are you dancing with the universe to create the future that you want for yourself?