A Leg to Stand On is Published!

I am thrilled and delighted, relieved and amazed that my book, A Leg to Stand On, is officially published today! Birthing this book has been very similar to the process I went through to bring my two children into the world. First was the interminably long gestational period in which I felt both inept and helpless and invigorated and hopeful. And then there was the sometimes arduous, sometimes euphoric, often painful birthing process. But now I hold my book in my hands and almost forget (almost!) all the challenges it took to get here.

The creative process, whether through one's own mind or through one's body, is like having a direct link to Source. My creations, be they human beings or books, are inspired from a place outside of me and have a purpose that is beyond me.

Though my children started in my womb, they are their own individual, unique beings. So, too, with my book. I lived the story, I wrote the story down on paper, and now it's time for A Leg to Stand On to do what it needs to do in the world.

I would be honored if you would help spread the word about A Leg to Stand On. And thrilled if you read it. Thank you!