I Can See Clearly Now

On Saturday night I attended the Seattle Men’s Chorus Beatles concert with my niece.  This was my brother’s 25th anniversary concert so I was particularly eager to see his twinkling eyes up on stage.  Sitting further away from the stage than I wanted, I had a hard time seeing. For the life of me I couldn’t find my brother amid the 150 men up on stage.  My stomach sank as I realized I might not actually see my brother at this special concert.  I was trying to convince myself that it was enough to just be there listening, but I wasn’t buying it.  So at intermission I asked my niece if I could try on her glasses.  I slipped them on. Wow.  OMG.  WOW!

The world was suddenly brighter.  Clearer.  More sparkly.  I couldn’t believe how hazy my life had been.  It was like I had been looking at life through a thin piece of cheesecloth.  It was nearly miraculous that slipping on these glasses could provide such a clear perspective on life.

Yesterday felt much the same way.  I attended a full day workshop with Tara Sophia Mohr.  She engaged us in two topics: Freeing our Inner Writer and Playing Big.  The day was like slipping on a pair of glasses for my soul.  I was given a framework for and developed more clarity around how to manage the many parts of my writing life.  I was also challenged to identify my Calling and what keeps me from heading that call.  Tara is an insightful, warm, practical and engaging teacher.  She was both generous in her topics and with her spirit.  Being with Tara was like slipping on a pair of glasses and looking at my future with more clarity and understanding.

Oh and, yes, I did wear my niece’s glasses for a short time during the second act.  I found my brother and was able to see him sing Imagine.