A New Perspective

As some of you may recall, last summer I joined Carol Frazey’s Fit School for Women walking program.  I really enjoyed it and would still be walking with Carol if her classes worked with my schedule. What I appreciated about Carol was her amazing balance between meeting me where I was and challenging me to the place she saw I could go.  I received her weekly newsletter today which focused on loving the part of ourselves that we typically degrade, put down, loathe.  Carol “came out” about her distaste for her arms, which, by the way, are amazing.  But it doesn’t matter what I think about her arms.  She is her own worst critic and when we live with that critic everyday, it’s exhausting and also very believable.  But she had an epiphany of sorts and is able to announce to the world that she now loves her arms.  Thanks, Carol.  You challenge me once again.

I spent the day on Mt. Baker skiing for the first time in two years.  Now, did I do anything to prepare my leg for this?  My knee?  No, of course I didn’t.  Did I send degrading mental messages to my leg while I was on the runs for wimping out on me too soon?  Of course I did.

But sitting here tonight, reading Carol’s email, I want to say to my leg, “I love you.”  And, as importantly, “Thank you.  You actually got me down each run admirably.”