Half Way There!

On Friday I walked my 50th mile in my 100 mile walking campaign. This year my campaign has had a completely different feel to it.  Last year I was challenged on so many levels  and at times wondered if I could really walk 100 miles, if I could really raise money for the POF to enable them to live out their mission to help the developing world walk again.

I came to this year's campaign with last year's success behind me, spurring me on, assuring me that I will be able to walk the 100 miles.  In fact, there are days when I walk more than a mile.  Taking Carol Frazey's Fit School for Women has helped me become more efficient with my walking and often makes that my mile go a little faster.

This year I also approached local businesses to get corporate sponsorships but, for whatever reasons, that wasn't successful.  I've also contacted the media to do interviews, but to no avail.

So, here I am, letting you know that, if you were considering supporting my efforts, here is a link to donate to the Prosthetics Outreach Foundation.

If you'd like to walk my 100th mile with me, come on down to the 2nd annual Prosthetics Outreach Foundation's walk-a-thon at Marymoor park in Redmond, WA on September 24th.

To find out more about the Prosthetics Outreach Foundation (POF), my walking campaign or the walk-a-thon, visit their website.