Day 31

Yoohoo! Day 30. I've walked everyday for thirty days! I'm so proud of myself. Looking back I think I must have missed a day in there somewhere. But I didn't. I didn't skip a single day.

I'm a dabbler. I test lots of water, sticking my toes in and wading around for a bit and then I usually get bored. So I put my toes back in my comfy shoes and walk away. But not this time. This time I sticking with it. I feel the momentum spurring me on and keeping me going. At this point it would take a different kind of effort to not walk.

Admittedly there are days when I feel inconvenienced by the time it takes to walk. When I get home from work and have only an hour with the family before I have to go to a meeting and a half an hour of that is a walk, I tend to contract, shrink back and re-think my priorities. But I've always made myself #1 and taken the walk. I ask my family to go with me so I can still spend time with them. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't.

I used to tell myself that I'm a commitaphobe. What I understand about myself now is that I'm actually a very committed person; I am able to take on something and stick with it. In fact I find it harder to give something up than to be persistent. The longer I walk, the more invested I am in continuing and the less interested I am in giving it up. The longer I walk, the deeper the benefits. The longer I walk, the happier I am.

How can I give that up?