Day 14

Part of the reason I haven't exercised in so long, aside from the challenge of getting a new leg made, is that I'm very good at rationalizing. "Oh, it's raining, I can't go for a walk now." Or "I had a hard day at work." Or "I need to do laundry and the dishes." You get the idea.

Well, today I desperately wanted to rationalize why I didn't need to walk. I have one of the best rationalizations in the book: I was gone over 12 hours to attend a funeral. There was lots of driving, lots of transitions and lots of emotions. For the last hour of the drive home, I tried to settle into why I don't need to walk tonight: I'm exhausted. I'm spent. I need to relax. I deserve to relax. We need to get the kids to bed.

But tonight I couldn't buy into the rationalizations. Tonight they didn't stick it. Tonight I knew that I actually had it in me to take a walk. And my intuition told me it would even be good for me - on every level - if I did.

So, like the mighty hiker-in-training that I am, I took my walk. The moon's bright glow bathed me in calmness. The crisp air cleansed me of the difficulties of the day. I am grateful for the ability to take this walk. I am proud of myself for keeping this commitment to myself.

And I am rationalizing that push-ups and my physical therapy exercises will have to wait until tomorrow. In my book, 10:30 is a silly time to exercise.