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SoulCollage® Facilitator Training

  • Bellingham, WA USA (map)

If you have been enjoying SoulCollage® for yourself, then you understand the power of this process.

You know . . .

  • That each card depicts a certain aspect of the self

  • That you are one person with many parts

  • That this is an empowering tool for self-understanding

  • That the true magic of SoulCollage® happens when we read our cards

The Call

Do you feel called to share this experience, this powerful tool with others? The SoulCollage® Facilitator Training is for anyone who wants to facilitate SoulCollage® for self-discovery in groups and with individuals. You don’t need any qualifications to take the SoulCollage® Training, but you must have a desire to share this experience and you must complete the prerequisites listed below. SoulCollage® complements many other healing and self-understanding modalities.

The primary focus of a SoulCollage® Training is to teach participants to be SoulCollage® Facilitators, so this is not a SoulCollage® retreat or workshop, even though in both settings a participant may experience deep personal process. We expect that you are taking the Training because SoulCollage® has been meaningful to you in your own process, and you are eager to share SoulCollage®. There will be time for making cards.

After completing the Training, participants receive a certificate of completion conferring the right to use the name "SoulCollage®" in the title of their groups or workshops and to call themselves "SoulCollage® Facilitators."


This four-day SoulCollage® Facilitator Training is required in order to call yourself a SoulCollage® Facilitator and your groups SoulCollage® Groups. These requirement must be completed before attending a Training:

  • Read SoulCollage® Evolving by Seena Frost

  • Read the Principles of SoulCollage®

  • Read SoulCollage® FAQs

  • Listen to Seena Frost's two basic CDs (Introduction to SoulCollage® and Facilitating SoulCollage® in Groups) - Both are also available for purchase and digital download at the iTunes store.

  • Make several cards for your own deck in three of the suits (one card in the Companions Suit is sufficient). We want you to have a working knowledge of the SoulCollage® process, its structure of suits, and its Principles.

  • Experience SoulCollage®! Mariabruna Sirabella, SoulCollage® Trainer, has said that making cards without reading them is like preparing a delicious meal and not eating it. We would like you to have enjoyed your meal by Using the "I Am One Who..." exercise with your cards yourself.

  • Take a local workshop if you can find one.

  • If you can't find a local SoulCollage® Introductory workshop, you can take a recorded video course which will give you a sense of the deep potential of the SoulCollage® process in community and also give you some valuable basic information. There are two "Fundamentals of SoulCollage®" courses to choose from online:

In signing up for this Training, you agree to complete these prerequisites. Your Trainer and your Training colleagues will appreciate that you have completed the basics before you come. On the rare occasions when people come unprepared, they get less out of the experience.

What the SoulCollage® Facilitator Training Covers

  • How to facilitate SoulCollage® card-making, including ways to support self-esteem and avoid competition and self-criticism.

  • How to implement a therapeutic structure which both protects and encourages self-discovery.

  • Ways to adapt the process to different individual issues and different populations.

  • Demonstration of how to access intuition with SoulCollage® cards.

  • Discussion about how to use the section of the website for Facilitators to access resources for facilitating SoulCollage® with clients.

  • Help in envisioning a plan for facilitating SoulCollage® that fits your own passions, intentions, and competencies.

  • Ethical pitfalls and challenges that might arise when one is working with individuals and groups using the powerful spiritual and personal images on SoulCollage® cards.

After you complete the SoulCollage® Training you will have

  • Gained a deeper understanding of how to use SoulCollage® for yourself and others

  • Learned how to prepare for a workshop

  • Learned how to create the safe and sacred space needed to engage with the self in this way

  • A deeper understanding of SoulCollage® readings and how to teach others to do them

  • Learned how to promote your workshops

  • Discovered the plethora of tools and support from SoulCollage, Inc.

  • Received a certificate of completion and have the honor to call yourself a trained SoulCollage® Facilitator

SoulCollage® originally was designed and evolved as an adult activity. Unless you are a licensed clinician or teacher working with children in schools or are under the direct supervision of teachers working within schools, SoulCollage® Facilitators are advised not to work with collage and emotional expression with children who are not their own children.


Colleen’s home studio is in picturesque Bellingham, WA, where the mountains meet the sea. Just 90 miles north of Seattle, Colleen’s studio overlooks her backyard forest and salmon stream.

Colleen will have a catered lunch everyday, including Sunday. Dinner is on your own.


The cost of the Training is $750.00 when you register before January 1, 2020; $825.00 after January 1,2020. This fee covers the SoulCollage® Facilitator Training, the manual, a one year membership to the SoulCollage® Facilitator Circle (which entitles you to 40% off all SoulCollage® books, CDs and supplies), supplies to make SoulCollage® cards, subscription to the SoulCollage® Facilitator newsletter, the Neter Letter, lunch Thursday through Sunday, and tea and snacks throughout the weekend.

Breakfast and dinner is on your own each day.

Springhill Suites by Marriott, just two miles from Colleen’s studio, has a block of rooms at a reduced price for you. (A link to make reservations is coming soon). They can guarantee this price up until 30 days prior to the start of the Training. Rooms are $109/night and include breakfast. There is the option of getting a room at that rate with two queen beds if you’d like to share the cost of the room with another participant. Click here to make your reservation.

Cancellation Policy

A full refund, less a $150 administrative fee, is available until six weeks prior to the training start date. No refund or credit is given for cancellations made with less than six week’s notice, if you fail to attend, or if you leave the training early.

Colleen reserves the right to cancel the training at any time. In the event that this happens, Colleen will send registrants a full refund of all monies paid immediately upon notification of cancellation.


Please click here if you have any questions about anything related to the training. I’m more than happy to help.


To register for the Training, choose your payment option below, fill out the pop-up form, and go to your cart to make your payment.

SoulCollage Facilitator Training - February 27 - March 1, 2020
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