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My Gratitude List

“Do not regret growing old, many are denied the privilege” ~ Irish Blessing At this time of year we take pause to consider the great fortune in our lives. Yes, I am deeply grateful for my husband, my children, my family and my community. I am grateful that I published my book this year. I […]

Making My Life Come True

When I was a young girl I dreamed of being a writer. I never told anyone about this dream. One day I decided it was time, so I took a sheet of wide-ruled paper and started writing a story. It was about a land called Ux (or something equally similar to Oz. Yes, The Wizard […]

A Leg to Stand On is Published!

I am thrilled and delighted, relieved and amazed that my book, A Leg to Stand On, is officially published today! Birthing this book has been very similar to the process I went through to bring my two children into the world. First was the interminably long gestational period in which I felt both inept and […]

A Sneak Peak

My book comes out in just one week and I’m busting with excitement! To give you a flavor of what’s inside, here is a sneak peak of the first chapter. Order your copy today!  The Impact “I love this song,” my sister Mary Beth said wistfully, as she navigated the snowy drive through the Chuckanut […]

Why I Write (again)

In this is a post from March of 2012, I talk about one of the reasons I wrote my book.  With my book coming out in less than a month, I want to post this again. Recently I set up a Google Alerts account with the topic “amputees,” which alerted me, through daily links in […]

Overcoming My High School Angst

High school students used to terrify me. Not only have I heard warnings about them since my children were in utero—they can’t be trusted, their developing brains make the stupid, eighty percent of them will try alcohol, and they are going to assert their independence in all sorts of nasty ways—but I felt completely inept […]

Criticism and Praise

Tara Mohr is an insightful, wise woman. She teaches women how to play big in their lives. It was while I was taking her Playing Big course that I took a “leap.” That leap was my application video for TEDxBellingham. Which was accepted. Which led to one of the highlights of my life. In her […]

3 Reasons Why I Avoid Reading Blogs With Lists

3 Reasons Why I Avoid Reading Blogs With Lists I opened up my email and saw a blog post titled “3 Steps to the Life You Want!” Oh, cool. I’ve been feeling kind of lost lately. I want to have the life I want. And there’s only 3 things I have to do? Awesome. I […]

The Missing Keys

The other morning I was rushing to leave the house for an appointment. When I was finally ready, I reached into my purse to grab my keys. I rummaged around and couldn’t find them. In my rush, I went to the jacket I was wearing the night before and searched the pockets. No keys. I […]

What I Learn From Anger

What makes you angry? I mean really angry? For some people it’s injustice. For others it’s bad manners. Still others become angry when they come across inefficiency. What makes you angry? I get angry a lot – about inefficiencies, about people being rude, about injustices – and dirty dishes in the kitchen sink. Add overwhelm […]