Colleen Haggerty

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Day 3

A warm rain-free walk tonight. I did my same route and feel comfortable with the familiarity of it. I can almost predict when I’ll need to stop for relief. Someone reminded me: “Dare not to compare” when I walk. A tall order. And it’s the first thing I do. I know people who run marathons, […]

Day 2

If there’s a shortcut to my emotions, it’s walking. If I want to know how I’m really feeling about my body and my leg, underneath all the daily numbing activities, I walk. But seeing how I haven’t walked much in over 2 years, there’s a lot that hasn’t been discovered.Today’s walk revealed a gem. Not […]

My first walk

I can’t believe I am blogging. It’s pushing my “You’re so self-indulgent” button, but I’m forging ahead, despite what my critic keeps yelling in my ear…. “Who cares about what you have to say?” “Who the hell do you think you are?” Actually I’m a woman who has lived with a prosthetic leg for 32 […]