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Steps to Forgiveness

Interested in learning the steps you can take to forgive someone – or yourself? Read my article in Complete Wellbeing magazine.

Feeling Stuck? Three Practices to Try.

Lately I’ve heard a lot of people talk about feeling stuck. They feel thwarted by a force that is keeping them where they are, without any forward movement. Most of us have experienced this feeling—it’s like being caught in an eddy, a place of calm on the side of the river with a perfect view […]

Better Than Nothing

My son is a singer, a deep bass singer. He’s also a senior in high school, so this year has been about finding a college for him to attend next year – a college that won’t break the bank. Luke applied to five places and was asked to audition at three of them; one in […]

Standing Naked on the Mountaintop

My husband and I went to a communal dinner last year and sat next to a very friendly couple. They were about our age – mid-50’s – and, by outward appearance, looked very suburban. As we got to know each other, the woman told me about taking a Vision Quest in New Mexico a year […]


Tomorrow is the Spring Equinox, the time of year when days and nights are of equal length. The earth teeters on this edge of balance before falling over into increasingly longer days. This is a powerful time to explore balance in our lives. Do we have it and can we sustain it? How does our […]

Patience, Jackass, Patience

Do you remember that campfire skit, the one where one person plays the master and the other person plays a jackass? They are walking through the desert and the jackass, thirsty as all get out, keeps asking the master, “When are we going to get some water?” and the master intones with the same reply, […]


Tomorrow my son Luke and I leave the balmy Pacific Northwest and fly to frigid Boston. We will leave emerging crocuses and budding cherry trees and enter a city with snow a gazillion feet high. My son has an audition at New England Conservatory on Friday, so sightseeing in Boston isn’t the point. The point […]

A New Leg

I am being fitted for a new leg. I hate it. I hate the process and, after two trial runs with the leg, I hate the leg. I don’t use the word hate lightly. I save if for special occasions. Like this. I won’t bore you with the details about how vastly different this leg […]

Tending the Light

The energy is ramping up. Do you feel it? Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, you can’t escape the intensity of the hustle and bustle going on all around us. Just going to the grocery store requires extra effort and time during this holiday season. I’ve talked to a lot of people lately who tell […]

Why I Volunteer for Hospice

From the moment we are conceived, we are celebrated. Our community wraps us tightly in a blanket of love before we are even born. Baby showers sprinkle love dust over our mother. And after we are born, the weft and weave of our community becomes stronger. On our first birthday, pictures are taken of our […]